Check In On Your Calling

Join Us and Check In!

When you are on call, you are ready to answer that phone at a moment’s notice . . . no matter what you are doing. God expects no less from us.

So are you ready to encourage others to be On Call in Culture by sharing what God has you doing in your work, home or hobbies? Join our Check In Team and we will email you once a week with a reminder to Check In on facebook or twitter and share how you are responding to God’s call that day. By signing up, you are agreeing to respond to that email with a quick sentence on a weekly basis.

It’s Easy . . . here are the steps:

  • Sign up to be on the Check In Team
  • Receive the weekly email reminding you to check in with how you are On Call in Culture
  • Go to On Call in Culture’s facebook or twitter pages and share in a short sentence what you are up to.
  • Make sure to challenge your friends to join as well.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard and the weekly reminder will be a huge blessing in reminding you that every day you wake up On Call for Christ!