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From the back cover of Wisdom & Wonder:

Abraham Kuyper, the Dutch Reformed theologian and politician, elaborated on the doctrine of common grace, a theology of public service and cultural engagement of Christians’ shared humanity with the rest of the world.

“The appearance of this treatise in English translation is for me the beginning of a larger dream come true. Kuyper’s writings on common grace are much needed ‘for such a time as this’ and Wisdom & Wonder is a marvelous foretaste of more that is to come!”

Richard J. Mouw
President and Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Abraham Kuyper’s Wisdom & Wonder is an eloquent theological antidote to the anti-intellectualist and anti-artistic impulses that infect so much of the contemporary church. Kuyper issues a clarion call for Christians to move beyond Bible study and theology, and beyond church art, to engage in these graced endeavors (science and art) in gratitude to God and out of fidelity to Christian conviction. Though Kuyper wrote these words more than one hundred years ago, they have lost none of their bite and relevance.”

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter
Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale University.
Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia

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