Be On Call In Culture

When you’re on call, you are ready. Physically, you make sure that you are in range of coming in to work if you’re called. Emotionally, you know that your time is not your own—it is borrowed. You enjoy the time you have, but when you are called in, everything else falls away. It’s like that with God. If you are on call for God, you are ready to do whatever he asks no matter what you have going on. In fact, with God, when he calls, you are probably already exactly where he wants you.

Sure you can be on God’s team without being on call. You can put in your hours, do the things you like to do on your own schedule, but what opportunities are you missing by not putting yourself in the hands of God? There are opportunities that come up in which God could choose to use us, but if we’re not on call—if we’re not ready and willing—we could miss out on those opportunities and what we could learn through those experiences.